1. Finally!

Posted: January 31, 2009 in African American, faith, family, fathers, Relationships, Uncategorized
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How good the Lord is!  The season has finally arrived.  It is now time to share with the world an idea that has been germanating in my spirit for well over a year.  The triumphs and challenges of parenting have given me the crystal clear vision of launching a series of media outlets centered on the brand known as FathersFootprints.

Within the next few days www.FathersFootprints.com will provide true insight into the brand’s first literary effort.  Through this blog I hope to share with my audience the intrinsic details associated with this venture.  Also, I will be discussing topics of great relevance to the Black experience.

This effort is a demonstration of my Faith and work.  As the Apostle James suggests, “Faith without works are dead.”

I’ll be looking to hear from you.fathersprints_land20web11

God bless,


  1. "Big Mary" says:

    I am so happy that you have found new passion in spreading positive messages while providing information to the people. I hope that all your dreams become fulfilled while still blessing others.

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