3. Are you spoiling your baby girls? I certainly hope so!

Posted: March 1, 2009 in Uncategorized
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The term “spoiled” has two primary meanings. The first refers to food products that are no longer edible. I choose to highlight the meaning that suggests coddling or dad-and-dom-sitting1pampering.

My baby girl is now 15 years old, and she is what you would call “spoiled-rotten.” This realization occurred to me when I discovered that she’d rather go hungry than to cook herself something to eat. Although this may seem strangely absurd to some, to me it’s rather comical. 

My daughter is a beautiful, intelligent young lady who is destined for greatness on all levels. I have made it a habit of spoiling her for a number of reasons:
1. She’s my only daughter
2. She’s the baby of the family
3. She’s a great kid
4. I love her, dearly
5. The rest don’t matter

When she was first born, my baby girl was the most beautiful baby I think I’ve ever seen; and I’ve seen quite a few. She knows exactly who she is- and what she’s capable of- because my wife and I have poured into her nothing but nurturing love throughout her short 15 years.

If I never write another piece of literature beyond this initial effort, I hope to encourage all Black families to “spoil” their girls. Our girls are the future mothers of the earth. They are the reason we work. They are the reason we play. They are the motivation that causes us to do the right thing when we’re tempted to do wrong.

Spoil’em brothas. Spoil’em good. And don’t apologize for it, ever!


  1. Bee says:

    This is absolutely beautiful.

  2. Cherie says:

    Damon, first of all, I love the picture of you and your daughter. She is beautiful! Also, love this article and, you’re not alone, I spoil my daughter every chance I get. The secret is not to allow them to dip over into the “brat” category. 😉 Keep these coming — great work.

  3. Pamela Anthony says:

    Damon – this was great! I am unapologetically spoiled and proud of it! 🙂 My parents have poured into me so much and more now as a grown woman, I appreciate all the security, confidence, and unconditional love they have provided all these years.

  4. kim says:

    you are creating a monster 🙂 i am interested in hearing your wife’s view of the situation.

  5. Big Mary says:

    I have ecouraged the spoiling of both of the children. This girl is at a point where we are still able to redirect some of her “over the top” thought patterns. When I see the “monster” coming out, I put it squarely in check, and I encourage her dad to do so also. We want her to be the most confident, remarkable person she can be. The environment and nurturing that has been provided to her, meaning, the life, love and attention that is givin to her, I needed but did not receive as a young woman growing up. So naturally, I have made it a point to provide her with a different, more positive experience. However, when her princess crown shows itself a little too much, I do remind her that she is just princess (and not the queen), and that she is a black girl and she must prepare herself to stand strong against adversity that will surely, eventually, come her way.

  6. baby ry ry says:

    Nice piece Squid. All the things u said about Boogie-Tang are true. One thing I like about her that me and Pooh talked about once is that she acts her age and thats real uncommon duing these times. Please don’t edit out the nick names black magician!!!

  7. Cynda says:

    I believe a daddy should make his daughter feel like a princess BUT he has to be careful not to forget to prepare her for the world…Sometimes girls can be so “spoiled” that when they reach adulthood and go into the world they expect all men to be like daddy…Some women are blessed to find a young man that treats them with love, respect and affection but certainly not all…If they are not prepared their hearts can be next to demolished…So “cover” that girl, as Damon says…BUT tell her the plain honest truth about life so she can make the best choices…C

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