8. “Who the (expletive) is Reggie?”

Posted: March 30, 2009 in African American, daughters, family, fathers
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Anybody that knows me know that I am a sucker for Black cinema.  It should not be a surprise that I use analogies from moviesBad Boys to make a point.

(A brief scene from the motion picture “Bad Boyz II” starring Martin Lawrence and Will Smith.)   

Marcus Burnett: [opens his front door] Who the F**k are you?
Reggie: I’m Reggie, Mr. Burnett.
Marcus Burnett: How old are you?
Reggie: I’m fifteen, Mr. Burnett
Marcus Burnett: Mothaf****r, you look thirty.

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  1. Mel B says:

    Amen. Been there… done that. I pray that your “Reggie Moment” will play out as you envision… mine did not. The truth is that your “RM” may come and go before you even knew it came…

  2. Cherie says:

    Hilarious, Damon! But then again, maybe I find it funny because my daughter is 11 and we’re not at the boy stage yet. She still thinks they’re disgusting right now. 😉 Funny that you would recall this scene from “Bad Boys 2”; it’s my favorite scene from that movie. Loving the blog! Keep up the great work.

  3. Dana says:

    I Luv It!! Too Funny!!! Hits home for a mother of 2 girls. Damon, I have really been enjoying your Blog. I was just telling my mother about your Blog and how it has become my “Daily Reading” in so many words. Keep up the good work, your words truly sepak to many.

  4. Kelly says:

    Hey Damon,
    I must say your daughter is a lucky girl and someday she will know it. Many young girls have never and never will know the blessing of having a father to look out for their best interests. My baby is only three and she already asks me “Where is my daddy?” She knows her cousin has one (my brother) and some of her friends do as well. I am so not prepared to answer that question, and just pray that God will see fit to send me a worthy mate for myself and accepting father for my daughter. Nothing against single parenthood, but no one person can be all things to a child, and though I would give her any and everything, right now I cannot give her this. Glad to see you assuming the role that you were meant to have.

  5. Lisa Stevens Burton says:


    Again, I applaud you. This one “ain’t nothing but the truth”! As my baby just turned 13 last week, you know I am daring her to bring a “Reggie” to my door. I’ve already passionately expressed to her that there will not be any of that until she leaves my house! Extreme, right?!! Well, some of us mother’s are worse than the father’s and I am proud to say I am one of them. I can’t even imagine her being ready (or me for that matter) to have “Reggie” knocking. Won’t be happening at 103 any time soon. Praise God! Keep the knowledge coming!

  6. M&M's Mommy says:

    D, this is such a great read. I smiled from the first paragraph to the last. You should get ready for your “Reggie” moment because your daughter is such a beautiful, sweet girl. She has an amazing spirit about her. Feel free to scare the fellas but please don’t hurt’em. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Chelsea Bliss says:

    Wow this was a good one. I must say any man who may have done the ladies wrong back in the day should be afraid. This is why it is important for men to teach their sons to respect the young ladies so that one day they won’t have to worry about their Reggie moment. Well my daughter is very close to her dad and th age of 17 she told him about her first time before she came to me. Talking about someone I thought was having a heart attack!!! Well he did not want to show he was angry for fear she would close him out. My husband made sure the boy never called again. What he said when the boy called I have no clue but my daughter was upset.

  8. Nicole Marie-Anne says:

    This is funny… I can really remember my dad having his Reggie moment. He met the guy like once and that was it…game over. He read him like a book to me. I thought my dad didn’t know what he was talking about etc… well needless to say when it was over he was right about him. LOL

  9. Rashad says:

    Just make sure you ask your version of Reggie if he’s made love to a man..

  10. Tyren, mom of Staci and AJ says:

    I am blessed to say that I did not have a “Reggie Moment” with my daughter who is now 20. She was 19 1/2 and finishing her second year of college before entering into her first relationship. He is a nice young man (but, I still got one eye on him). My son, however, is a different story. He is 13 and is already debating his pro-girlfriend stance, albeit ineffectively. Given my current observations of the modern female adolescent, I contend that it is not only the “Reggie Moment” that is of concern but the ‘Regina Moment’ as well. So, a head nod to all the fathers of the world who are “locked and loaded” in anticipation of their “Reggie Moment” for I am anxiously awaiting my ‘Regina Moment’.

  11. Chuck says:

    As a father of three daughters, I too was ready for my “Reggie Moment” — until the wife of a good friend of mine let me in on a little secret. She told me “you should be more concerned about your daughter than about any guy she get’s involved with.”

    I pondered this for a while and decided that my best course of action would be to make sure I taught my daughters two very important things: 1) teach them how to hear the voice of God; and 2) to obey that voice! If we ,as fathers, plant and cultivate those spiritual seeds in our princesses then we will see and enjoy the fruit of our daughters growing into beautiful, responsible and RESPECTABLE women. . .

  12. Valerie says:

    Damon, get your Valium ready. Your day is coming 😀

  13. Davita says:

    Reggie Love probably has the BEST job in the world. He’s simply the “little” brother President Obama never had. Wonder how much he gets pay for that….Oh who cares, the perks are priceless!

    In all serious, Reggie Love, is President Obama’s “personal aide” – – – He’s 27 years old and a former Duke basketball and football star. Not to mention, the recipient of The White House HOTTEST employee award. (smile)

  14. steven banks says:

    this was a very nice personal piece from a dads perspective..i have a beautiful niece named asia. shes a princess in every aspect of the word/smart progressive,driven, kind, and pretty as heck..i sometimes look around at the young men surrounding me and i ask myself “how could my darling niece ever find a young man equally yoked with her” cause shes so rich in spirit and god blessings..but we must be optimistic because there are good moms and dads raising quality, substance filled sons just as you and i were raised…keep up the good writing my brother!

  15. ryman123 says:

    Very good read dad

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