Kim Coles - Actress, Comedian

Kim Coles - Actress, Comedian

Those of you that have been following this blog know that FathersFootprints is embarking on its first publication entitled Daddy, Am I Pretty?  We have been blessed to garner the interest of, and contributor commitment from high-quality participants.  Early on we decided to provide the FathersFootprints audience with a small preclude of the some of the featured stories that will be detailed in the book.  Enjoy!


Actress Kim Coles is best known for her zany characters and outrageous sense of humor. Kim got her start as the runner-up in the Big Beautiful Woman pageant in Atlantic City, New Jersey. She rode her beauty pageant success into a plus-size modeling career. She, then, began performing stand-up comedy and her show biz career really took off.



Occupation(s): Actress, comedian, author, playwright, television personality

Vital stats: Age 47 single (divorced), no children, “…it works if you work it” 


 Hometown: Los Angeles, California            


Comedic inspiration: Carol Burnett, Angela Bassett and Lucille Ball.



Known for: Roles in…In Living Color…Living Single…10 Items or Less…Frasier…One on One…  Kim authored the book, “I’m Free But It Will Cost You: The single life according to Kim Coles.”   Also, Kim has been nominated by the NAACP Image Awards four times – for “Best Actress” for Living Single and “Best Supporting Actress” for her role in Frasier.


Your start in comedy/acting:  I grew up really wanting to BE Carol Burnett, a very funny lady with her own sketch comedy show. I did not even know how to make that happen.  I had the dream but I did not go the traditional route- acting classes and then doing theater. I started out as a Plus sized model and one time the MC was late for our fashion show and the designer said “Kim, you are funny – go out there and entertain the crowd until the MC arrives.”  I performed my “Roots” medley- a hilarious routine I had developed for friends consisting of a 10 minute recap of the entire mini- series and I was a hit! I was bitten by the comedy bug for sure!  I suppose the lesson there is to make to most of all opportunities placed in your path!


Why she’s participating in the FathersFootprints’ project Daddy, Am I Pretty?:  To some degree we are a product of our environment, it shapes us and then WE get to decide what we do with it. I am honored to be included in sharing my story and connection to my father. I happen to be the perfect combination of both of my parents and that delights me to no end.


What’s on the agenda, besides Daddy, Am I Pretty?:  I am presently developing a project that I will unveil soon that will speak to our youth, in particular young girls. I have grown weary of waiting for jobs to come to me so I am creating my own projects. I am also working on a new book and lecture series. Also shhhhh! I have been asked to endorse a skin-care line too. Big things are coming soon!  I can also be seen regularly on E channel’s “Chelsea Lately.”


Special ritual with your father:  My favorite ritual with my father started after my parents’ divorce. He promised to stay close no matter what, and wherever he was in the world, he would call on Sunday @6 pm: which he did.  EVERY Sunday @ 6pm. This continues to this day. You can actually set your clock.  Damon wants me to save the details for the book J.


Working with the FathersFootprints:  Damon is P E R S I S T A N T! I would have put this off much longer if he did not stay in touch!!  No really, I have enjoyed Damon’s passion to tell the stories of what connects and affects us all.  I suspect Damon is a wonderful father; why else would he be called to create a work like this?  Oh, I almost forgot.  Please, please, please buy the book when it hits the shelves, or else I’ll have to talk about you J.


FathersFootprints will have you to know that Kim is the consummate professional and we are excited to be working with her on this and other projects.  Lastly, she asked (more like told) us not to forget to direct our readers to – a Domestic Violence Awareness charity that she is currently working with. 


Kim is encouraging you to leave your comments on this blog as she and I will be checking it frequently.  Your feedback helps us to strategically plan future content.


Until next time,





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  1. Chelsea Bliss says:

    I enjoyed reading this blog. I really like her work. I am so glad my friend kelly told me about your blogs I have been really enjoying them. Keep up the good work Damon.

  2. Karen J says:

    Kim Coles is sooooo funny to me and I use to watch Carol Burnett all the time. I really like Kims work and I still watch Living Single. Matter of fact I watched it today. I am looking forward to her book as well as Daddy Am I Pretty? I am looking forward to more projects from her and you as well. I love what your doing Dr. Duncan its awesome! I look forward to the next blog. I share your blogs with other co-workers who are just as shy as I am about writting on these things. BUT you have made me want to commit. Kim Coles keep up the good work. Dr. Duncan your like Chicken Noodle Soup to my Soul keep them coming please. Your biggest blog fan Karen.

  3. Craig says:

    Hey man I love Kim Coles man!!! She is funny her and Overton was my favorite on Living Single. Good job!

  4. WOW! I really liked this. The first time I saw Kim Coles was Living Single and she was my absolute favorite person on the show. I can relate to her so much. This piece is great and being raised by my dad and being the ONLY girl I can appreciate this. I will be one of the first to purchase the book please keep me posted cause I purchase new books on a weekly basis lol. This is my first look at your blogs but I definitely will blog on :o).

    Stay Blessed!
    Michelle N

  5. Rashad says:

    Good stuff Damon. I hadn’t seen her on tv in awhile, but I certainly will look for her now

  6. Cynda says:

    Kim is a wonderfully talented woman…And a beautiful soul…Congrats Damon for wooing her to your project…C

  7. Jacqueline Smith says:

    I have always been a “Living Single” fan and still watch all the reruns on TVOne!! Great Blog on Kim Coles. She’s very talented, funny, beautiful and an inspiration because she wants to make a difference in other’s lives. Big Shout out to you Damon for sharing Kim’s more intimate side and what’s going on with her today! I will definitely purchase the book. Continued Blessings!

  8. Kelly says:

    It was nice to learn a little more about Ms. Coles. I look forward to reading her part in the book. Its wonderful to hear and read about children who have (or had) a positive relationship with their fathers. So often, we only hear the negative about our men, but this is a good thing. Keep up the good work, Damon and KIM

  9. J Austin says:

    Really good information. I am always looking for deeper insight and opinions about the importance of fatherhood in the lives of our children. Iam Joel Austin, President and CEO of Daddy University. Please continue to share.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Hi, nice post. I have been wondering about this topic,so thanks for writing. I will definitely be subscribing to your posts.

  11. Hey Kim , Wow. I love this blog. Not only do we have the same birthday, but I too wanted to be Carol Burnette!!! Ha Ha Ha! I didnt think I would ever hear another black woman say that. I just want to say that you are remarkable. The “Daddy am I pretty” … my God that is powerful. You know that is where it starts. The self esteem of young black women and our sense of self worth comes first from the way daddy made us feel as young girls. I am just so glad to have met you on face book. We definitely need you to come to indiana to speak to the young girls. I know that we have not been able reach each other yet , but I know that we will soon. Many of our endevors run parallel. You are a beautiful lady with a personality that shines and you inspire. Keep doing what you do. Talk with you soon. Nichelle

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