17. We are all witnesses…(BTW, this ain’t spiritual)

Posted: May 4, 2009 in African American, fathers
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  1. Damon Green says:

    I feel like what Bill Cosby once said, unless your on stage singing with your four brothers no kid should have a $150 pair of shoes.

  2. Damon Green says:

    I feel like what Bill Cosby once said, unless your on stage singing with your four brothers no kid should have a $150 pair of gym shoes.

  3. Tony Fleming says:

    As an avowed Piston fan, I have never owned a pair of jordans, but I understand their popularity. My daughter is currently lost in the cycle of “the new jordans are out!!!” While I am still “old school” and refuse to pay more than $100 for tennis shoes, I do get the popularity. I try to remind my daughter that the image being sold to us is not totally true; Jordan, Chris Brown, and the rest of our celebrity culture may be Gods of Marketing and probably good people at heart, but they are still only human. Appreciate their genius on the court or stage, but realize they only fall so far because we place them so high…

  4. Sabin Duncan says:

    Quite a paradox – the celebration & acknowledgement of the achievements of one, indirectly leads to the demise & inappropriate priority placement of others. Indeed, if it wasn’t Jordan – it would be someone else. The essence of the dilemma lies in the consumer’s (our peoples) value on defining themselves/ ourselves through exterior means.

  5. Rashad says:

    I have no problems with Jordan charging an inordinate amount for his sneakers. They are top of the line, he’s Michael Jordan, and shoes like that are a privilege not a birthright. Its up to parents to hammer that point home, and maybe make deals with the kid. If you earn $100 via your chores, I’ll match the other $50 or something to that effect so the kid knows and understands how much that $150 really is. That being said, my father never bought me Jordans, and I was salty until I started working, and then I said to myself, “Do I really want to pay $150 for shoes I may wear once a week at best?”

  6. Craig says:

    Ok you taking me back man!!! Wow I remembered begging for a pair. Now my son is begging for the expensive gym shoes and yes I have bought them. Even though my parents wouldn’t. I want my son to have more than I had coming up. Ah man I’m really getting into the blog stuff.

  7. Cynda says:

    I was one of those children that wore hand-me-downs instead of brand name items…At the time it was difficult peer-pressure…But today, I am blessed for it…I support our up and coming creative spirits but my worth and my child’s isn’t dependant on a symbol on a shoe, purse or dress…It’s what’s inside. It would bless us all if all those blessed folks would share those sentiments with their supporters…C

  8. Kelly says:

    Wow I remember asking my dad over and over for a pair of Jordons. He use to say “You got Jordan money?” Back then alot of my friends had part time jobs somewhere and they helped pay for the sneakers. Now a days the kids hands are just out…give me give me give me… I want I want. I remember having to earn certain things I wanted. My grades had to be on point first and foremost. I was spoiled but I never got those Jordans..LOL

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