Michael Jackson (August 29 1958 – June 26, 2009)

michael jackson logoOne of my favorite Michael Jackson videos is the one portraying Pharaoh Ramses (Eddie Murphy) and Nefertiti (Iman) as Egyptian royalty.  While the song’s title and lyrics suggest Michael and Nefertiti had a prior relationship, I took the title to task for a deeper meaning.  FathersFootprints never misses an opportunity to provide a lesson in history.

Many of our people are at a loss when it comes to black history in its truest form.  Our minds have been conditioned to think that black history doesn’t go much beyond Martin Luther King, Jr., Malcolm X, Harriet Tubman and Frederick Douglass.   I must admit that I originally believed that early Egyptian civilization looked similar to characters portrayed by Yul Brenner and Anne Baxter of the 1956 film The 10 Commandments.

Michael, clearly a member of intelligentsia, never ceased to miss an opportunity to provoke obvious and subliminal messages in his work.  The not-so-obvious message in the title of this song suggested to me that we should not be fooled by the manner in which Hollywood romanticizes Egyptian civilization, often portraying them as blonde-haired and blue-eyed.

Through his video production, Michael is suggesting that our black women remember they are the Queens of the earth; and that black men should take their rightful place as the head of his community and his house.

Do you remember the time…

…when Egyptian architects and engineers designed and built the most sophisticated structures in history of development, many of which still stand today?

…when we developed and mastered the art of mummification?

…when we developed a sophisticated written form of communication called Hieroglyphics?

…when we developed a numbers system that ascended in order from left to right?

In case you’ve forgotten, click the video below and enjoy:

Yes, Michael we remember our history and will do our best to preserve the past and create scenarios of significance in the future.  You will be sorely missed my brother.

Until next time,

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  1. rachelaraya says:

    Let us pray for Michael Jackson and all those who love him.
    BY: Rev. Laurie Sue Brockway

    “Dear God, Divine Spirit of love and compassion,
    Please grace us with your loving presence,
    As we take a moment to remember Michael Jackson.

    The world has been stunned by the loss of one so young,
    We grieve that life has come to an end for this great talent.
    Many fans share this time of pain and sorrow,
    As well as the sadness of this shocking end to an era.

    Please help those who are suffering through this loss,
    We ask, especially, that you uphold his family,
    That you comfort his grieving mother,
    And that you embrace his children,
    Who now must go on without a parent.
    May they find solace, somehow, in the love flowing forth for their father.

    For all those who grieve, please bring peace in knowing
    that his spirit, his music, and his contribution will live on.

    Dearest Creator, we pray,
    Gently guide the soul of your son, Michael Jackson, back home.
    Hold him close, renew him.
    Enfold him in your divine grace.
    May he be healed and made whole again.

    He was a bright star but also led a sad life.
    Please heal the hurtful parts and
    those who may have been hurt in some way.

    As we remember his contributions and controversies,
    As we listen to his music and watch his videos,
    As we hear so many recount their memories of him,
    Let us be thankful for all he has given us,
    And let us hope for healing for all from the darker side of fame and fortune.”


  2. Peachez says:

    You extracted a deeper meaning than I’d ever considered. Your perspective is unique. This is my first time visiting this blog. I found it doign a search for Michael Jackson. I’ll continue to check back here frequently. ~ Peachez

  3. Alton B. Gunn says:

    I have done a great deal of reflecting of life since MJ died. His voice was the blueprint that documented the lives of our generation. And yes he educated us on many thing as well as broke down barriers in his own super natural way. In a lot of ways he was a victim and we let him down. Now he belongs to the ages. No matter how disappointed I’ve been: at a point, when reflecting on those I may have let down; the Jackson 5 song “Who’s Loving You” always comes to mind. It’s take us down a totally different path the Remember The Times but at least 75 other MJ (and his family) hit could too. We’d be all day! ANYWAY: Mike’s introduction his dilemma was metaphoric of life them they rock it… check it out on you tube:

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ane6VJGlIMsWho's loving you – Jackson Five
    Source: http://www.youtube.com

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