31. I think I love my wife

Posted: July 2, 2009 in family, Relationships
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The faithful readers who’ve been following this blog know that our features are generally centered on family, black entertainment and entertainers, community, relationships and most of all Fatherhood.  It should be no mystery that this blog is by- and primarily for- Blacks.  I don’t consider myself to be of the maganitude of an Essence, Ebony or Upscale Magazine; but I too seek that target audience.  I have been challenged on this on several occasions and must say, those challenges have caused me to rethink my position…..Ok, I thought about it, and more than ever I see the need to develop material for our people.

The best analogy I can use to demonstrate this is when the stewardess on the plane instructs the passengers to secure the oxygen mask on your own face before assisting other passengers.  Consider this blogsite an oxygen mask.

It should not come as a surprise that the majority of our readership comes from women.  To that end, I’ve been asked by several of our readers about my wife and how she deals with the fact that I often interact with various women – including celebrities, beauty queens, authors, singers, etc.  For those of you who don’t know Mary, please allow me to introduce to you my wife of 18 years.maryduncan

Mrs. Mary is a quiet, friendly, educated, beautiful, wonderfully ethnic, professional sister, who cherishes family and appreciates stimulating conversation.  A woman who is secure with herself and her relationship makes it easy for a man to feel he can make things happen on any level.  Not to suggest by any means that it’s been a piece of cake to be with me; however, I do want to suggest that while love doesn’t conquer all, it certainly helps.

The other night I watched the hilarious comedy by Chris Rock entitled I Think I Love My Wife.  Chris undergoes an ongoing struggle with his fidelity ultimately to make the right decision.  I don’t liken myself to Chris in that regard but I do sometimes struggle to keep first things first. 

An entrepreneur and an author at heart, I’ve been divided between my day job, traveling, writing, going to the gym, church, kickin’ it with the bruhz, and spending time with my near-adult children; not to mention we have a two-year old grand-baby (that’s another blog topic altogether).  In retrospect I can see that sometimes the needs of my wife are not properly prioritized.  I allow distractions to rob me of time with her that I can never recapture.

Sometimes we don’t realize the treasures we have until we’ve lost them; I won’t make that mistake.  I think I love my wife.

Until next time,

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  1. Nina says:

    You have a gorgeous wife, but I guess you know that. Please treat her right. You know you successful brothers have certain tendencies 🙂 Love the blog. I’m glad my girlfriend turned me on to this. You have some interesting topics on this site. I’ll be sure to check back more often.

  2. Mel B says:

    I like this one DD. Priorities… I’ve always tried to use the Five P Principle: Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance. From now on it will be known as the Six P Program – Prior Planning & Prioritizing Prevents Poor Performance.

    In the words of the Old Skool Poet MC Serch, “word to your mother”… and I’m out.

  3. Peachez says:

    I wish more brothers understood this basic principle. It is refreshing to see black men speak about their queens. She is a beautiful woman Mr. Damon. Don’t f*ck it up 🙂 I like blogs that keep it real. ~Peachez

  4. Anonymous says:

    Love that hair!!!!

  5. Damon Green says:

    My sentiments exactly. You have said what I’ve been feeling for years. I wish more black men would understand the role a beautiful strong black women plays in their life. I myself have took that very thing for granted. I do understand now its a beautiful thing when you have the love and support of strong wife. I myself have celebrated 17yrs of marriage.

  6. Christina says:

    It is so good to see that you have come to the realization and are honest enough to express it in your own blogsite! Remember to also teach your daughters that they are important in the lives of their children/significant other…and to not let themselves be torn down by anyone. Marriage is not fairy tale perfect, it does take hard work, a lot of patience, understanding, and the acceptance of the differences in each person. The only thing that we can do is to try our best and let GOD take care of the rest! Have a great day!

  7. Cynda says:

    A smart and beautiful woman for a strong and important man. Blessings abundant. C

  8. Kelly Terrell says:

    I loved it…. very good. I’m glad you reconzie that sometimes you get busy but value the time you spend with your wife. Thanks for the oxygen!

  9. Jr says:


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