Real Housewives of ATL

Real [ree-uhl] – adj – true; not merely ostensible, nominal, or apparent.

When I recently learned that the reality show “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” received ratings that exceeded 2.7 million, I was excited and simultaneously appalled.  I am always excited to see Black people have a significant impact in an arena that has been heavily dominated by the majority. 

However, to see the sisters perform in ways that would put Steppin Fetchit to shame, evokes shame and outright embarrassment. Watching Nene, Lisa, Sheree, Kim and now Kandi, carry out their daily activities that include a lot of drama and very little substance is a mockery of the artistic craft of acting and a slap in the face for the REAL sisters that put it out daily without the benefit of bottomless bank accounts……

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  1. Christina says:

    Damon you are soo right…that show does not portray “real” housewives…that show just provides a comical perspective of those upper class women who do not ACT as if they have GOD in their lives. A real housewife actually gets on all 4’s and scrubs a floor if she has to…a real housewife will clean the toilet when it’s dirty…a real housewife cooks, cleans, does laundry, drives the family “taxi”, does the budget, is the tutor, landscaper…and all for NO pay, just for the sake of their family and GOD.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’m glad somebody had the courage to say something about this. I agree with Damon. I am totally and completely disgusted by the way they are portraying black women. Great job Damon. The ladies you featured are first class. It’s good to knwo that Atlanta has more to offer than what we’re seeing on TV.

  3. Sabin says:

    Brother, you are speaking the truth! On one hand, the ladies on TV have a right to earn money. Obviously, they care very little about the image they project around the world. That’s the other thing to consider – at what point do we become accountable for our actions? Rapper Talib Kweli says in one of his songs – “what you gonna do when you gotta face, the manifestations of the words that you put in space?” Did anyone ask those housewives that?

    THANK YOU Damon, for working against that tide of ignorance by highlighting these wonderful sisters!

  4. Blount says:

    good sh*t. good twist. this blog is tight.

  5. P. Graves says:

    The hating needs to stop! I love the show and apparently 2 million other do as well. Real Housewives keep it REAL! That’s why you have 100 plus channels on your TV so you can change the station!

  6. Big Mary says:

    The show is for entertainment purposes. People watch it to be entertained. The women on the show act out to entertain. .. And you can be sure most of the stuff that is presented has been hyped up to a certain extent. The real question is.. Why do people feel the need to seek that particular kind of entertainment? Entertainment in which women of color clown for all to see.
    -just sharing

  7. Mike says:

    I agree with Big Mary that the show is hyped up entertainment. For that reason I reserve my judgment. I don’t like the fact that women agree to portray themselves a certain way and then feel disrespected when other people respond to what they’re projecting. It’s like, “I can look like a stripper but don’t treat me like one.” Mixed-messages. Mike

  8. Baby Boy says:

    You have featured some beautiful sister here, Damon. What are you doing down there in Atlanta? Maybe I should come down there to see what all the hype is about. This is a good blog, team.


  9. robminx says:

    You are on point with your observations. Thank you for contrasting the foolishness with such lovely real ladies, my brother.


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