43. African American Idol – Part Duex

Posted: August 29, 2009 in African American, Black entertainment
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On August 26, 2009 we shared with you the first half of an interview with the talented Ms. Trenyce Cobbins, 5th place finisher ofTrenyce pic American Idol’s second season.  As promised, we bring to you the continuation of the interview with Trenyce.

FathersFootprints: What artists do you most admire, and why?

Trenyce: I admire any artist that stays true to their art and knows which lane is theirs. That doesn’t always mean the “best” vocally, but if you can make me “feel” something….that’s what its all about…Pull me in….show me your soul. People want a reason to validate their feelings, and music helps them to see that they are not alone. Most people are not the best communicators but everyone can find a song that says exactly what they were feeling, or sends them back to a date, time, period in life that meant something. That is the beauty of being an artist, and that is the art of music.

FathersFootprints: You contemplated being a nurse.  What caused the career shift?

Trenyce: I wanted to be in the medical field because it made sense to. I wanted to be the first to finish college. I was a very bright student, and I loved biology. It was a no-brainer. My mother would be proud….but I soon realized that I wouldn’t be, because my talent and passion for singing overtook my logic. My mother was not very happy to find that I walked out of my microbiology class and decided I didn’t want to do it anymore, but she gave me a year to figure out the music “thing” and then I had to go back if it didn’t work out. Well, here I am!

Trenyce and Idol winner Rueben Studdard

Trenyce and Idol winner Rueben Studdard

FathersFootprints: Tell us something about yourself that even you closest friends may not know.

 Trenyce: I don’t think that is possible….I am an open book and has always been an open book…I usually like to tell things about me that most would keep to themselves, but that’s because I have lived more and realize that there is always someone experiencing(ed) what you have, so there is no need to be ashamed of life. I can probably tell you something that most reader’s don’t know….1) I LOVE scary movies 2) I wake up at the crack of dawn..like 6/7am…I’m an early bird, and 3) I love to do hair and makeup for other people.

FathersFootprints: What advice do you have for aspiring artists?

 Trenyce: My advice would be to study this craft if it is what you really want to do. It is not enough to just want to be an artist or entertainer. It takes work, and while you are daydreaming, there is someone out there willing and ready and more prepared to take your spot, so be ready at all times. And don’t care so much about rejection. The best of the best get rejected be/c there can never be 2 #1’s…so don’t get discouraged! Stay Focused. Stay Humble. Stay Grinding.

FathersFootprints: Now for the details about the album; when is the release date and what can we expect?

Trenyce: There is no release date as of yet, but you can expect to hear real music. This record is for those who say “I want to hear real R&B again, real soul again, real music”. I am very excited and anxious at the same time! I am petrified and proud!…but I feel like it’s now or never…this is it! I have to accomplish this with or without a label because it is a lifelong dream and I have already prepared myself for what may or may not happen, but I will be happy knowing that I “did it” and that’s all that matters.

Based on the way Trenyce performed “I have nothing” on American Idol, I’m sure the CD will be all that she hopes it to be.  If it’s been a minute since you’ve seen this young artist perform, delve into her latest video entitled – “You Make Me Sick.”

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If you want to keep up with Trenyce follow her on Twitter and Myspace by clicking the links below:

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  1. JJ says:

    That video was nicely done. Trenyce will sell tons of records, no doubt. Get’em girl!!!!

  2. Tre says:

    Nicely done. Trenyce is a fan favorite. I can hardly wait for the CD release. She is one of the few “real” entertainers out there. No facade or act, just real.

  3. Anonymous says:


  4. James says:

    Good blog. I’m glad I found this. I’ll be checking back frequently. James

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