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Those of you who follow Tyler Perry plays and film know that Tyler’s performers, particularly the singers, have extraordinary skills.  FathersFootprints is very fortunate to have as a special guest, singing sensation – Chandra Currelley.

A former lead singer for the S.O.S. band, Chandra has spent the last several years touring with the Tyler Perry stage production cast, with roles in Madea’s Class Reunion and What’s Done in the Dark.  Chandra is also responsible for the theme song “Love Again“ featured in the film, Diary of a Mad Black Woman.

Chandra is a Helen Hayes and NAACP Phoenix Award Nominee. Her excellent vocal skills have opened many doors for her over the past few years. She worked with Legendary Jazz vibraphonist Roy Ayers, whom Chandra toured with in 1986 and recorded a song on the album “I’m The One”.  She has also released two CD’s (see Discography below).



Love Songs

2005 © Copyright-Chandra Currelley

  1. I Want YouChandra Love Songs
  2. You Protected My Heart
  3. I Wanna Love, Again
  4. Unconditional Love
  5. Someone Made For Me
  6. No Secrets
  7. When You Wait
  8. Time With You
  9. Sure About That
  10. Squeeze Me

(click CD cover rt. to sample songs or purchase CD)


The Real Me

2007 © Copyright-Chandra Currelley

  1. The Real MeChandra The Real Me
  2. Nothing Can Take You Away
  3. Peace
  4. All Your Love
  5. These Moments
  6. The Little Things
  7. Think About It
  8. Kiss and Tell
  9. Always There
  10. Your Word

(click CD cover rt. to sample songs or purchase CD)


We were fortunate to catch up with Chandra for this rare blog interview.  Although extremely busy and pressed for time, Chandra kept her word to provide us this interview.  Enjoy.


FathersFootprints: You are an actress and a singer.  What performance are you most proud of, and why?

Chandra: I would say the performance I’m most proud of would have to be “Dinah Was” the life story of singer Dinah Washington. It was my first lead role where i carried a play with my acting as well as my singing.

FathersFootprints: You have worked on several Tyler Perry projects.  What is it like to work with Mr. Perry?

Chandra: What I love most about working with Tyler is that you will always deal with your relationship with God.  His work will challenge you as a believer and cause you to look introspectively at your life and how you’re helping to advance the kingdom of God.

FathersFootprints: Not many people can say that they are a part of one of the most recognizable names in Black music.  Tell us about your experience as lead singer with the S.O.S. Band in the late 80’s and early 90’s.

Chandra: My experience as lead vocalist for the S.O.S Band was awesome. I had the chance to travel the world and perform in numerous stadiums and arenas. So many people never get the chance to be a part of the music industry.  The SOS gave me the opportunity.

FathersFootprints: Your CD entitled The Real Me (released in 2007), debuted at number 10 on CDbaby’s top 20.  What is the major difference between your Love Songs CD and the current release?

Chandra: I am so grateful my CD did so well on the charts. The primary differences between the two are the CD entitled “The Real Me” is all inspirational with a more urban sound.

FathersFootprints: What can we expect from Chandra in future?

Chandra: You can certainly expect more plays and film.  Also I’m working on my live concert and making it a DVD. I’ll have all my projects posted on my website

FathersFootprints: What advice do you have for aspiring artists, particularly aspiring gospel artist?

Chandra: I don’t consider myself to be a traditional gospel singer, so my battle is the same, but different. You must stand on the vision God has given you. Depend on no one but him. Sing as much as you can; sing wherever you can; and always try to work it out.  Most of all, keep God first in your life.  Matthew 6:33 says, “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness; and all things will be added unto you.”

We simply couldn’t sign off without providing you a Youtube clip of Chandra’s extraordinarily, spirit-filled performance of Jehovah Jireh in Tyler Perry’s What’s Done In The Dark. (click the video then click Watch Video on Youtube)

Please visit Chandra’s website at .  Also vote Chandra Currelley for “best female vocalist” at

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  1. Anonymous says:


  2. LA YOUNG says:

    Great job on Chandra Currelley. This interview gave us an up close and personal side of this amazing artist. It was reveaing and powerful in showing how this women with such a unique and exciting talent, has the attention and favor of one of Amercia’s most in demand mogul’s. Keep up the great work!

  3. Jasmine says:

    i loved this interview it was really great Chandra i love ya girl God bless

  4. Mamie says:

    What a wonderful interview! Chandra Currelley is a true artist and a wonderful woman! Her voice is in a class by itself…chocolate molasses–rich and thick! Thanks for sharing this!

  5. Trina says:

    I saw What’s Done in the Dark live in Atlanta. Chandra has a great voice. I already purchased her CDs. Good blog. Hope to see more interviews with people like Chanra Currelly.

  6. Angie says:


    You really are a great inspiration to all of those who follow your writings. So good to read things that make this world really go round. Who woulda thunk it? A boy from the “D” would turn out to be all that and a bag of chips!

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