47. Black Men vs. White Men – A Preview

Posted: September 16, 2009 in African American, Black entertainment, Black Pride, Relationships
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Last week we introduced you to author Cicely J – who has penned the book entitled “Black Men vs. White Men: The Black Woman’s Choice.”  The comments we received on that post seemed to suggest readers needed a little more.

After much pleading, FathersFootprints obtained an unreleased preview of Chapter 6 from Cicely J.  See the preview below:

Chapter 6: Black Men Have Given Up on Black Women

Sometimes I feel like because black men have ill relationships with their mothers they now have planted in their minds that all black women are manipulative and evil. I get so tired of hearing my African American sisters referred to as b*tches and whores on a regular basis. I know everyone says this all the time but we still keep hearing these derogatory descriptions of black women. It is on the videos, it is in our movies, and now it is on the playgrounds. Now women who pounce themselves up and down on poles for money and get half naked to be in a video, have brought it upon themselves to be disrespected that way. Even though it is not right and I still don’t condone it, if you present yourself in a certain light to these men, they will address you in that manner. It is not what you are called but what you answer to.

Would the real women please stand up.

I was at the gas station filling up my car. An old school Impala on 24s pulls up to the tank across from me. I know we are not supposed to stereotype but I was just ready for some ignorant, corn rolled, gold tooth wearing wannabe next rap star to get out of the car and say something stupid. Dee Dub got out of the car and looked at me and said “DAYUM MAH, YOU ALWAYS LOOK LIKE DAT!”….Huh? His music was blaring so loud I could hardly hear what he said. I just knew it was something real ghetto and ignorant. Because I didn’t reply he called me a b*tch. First of all I can’t hear you because Too Short is hollering B*ATCH in the background on your radio and my car is shaking. Second of all you are so scary looking and its dark outside and if I even acknowledge your presence you may take that as an invitation to start talking to me. Dee Dub goes into the gas station to pay for his gas. His friend, cousin, parole officer, whoever he was got out of the back seat to pretend to come over and pump the gas but he really wanted to talk to me.

He wasn’t as ignorant as Dee Dub. He said, “Hello, my name is Timothy, what’s yours?” Dee Dub came out and was like “Temo don’t even talk to that stuck up b*tch. She think n*ggas out here broke or sumin.” Timothy said not to pay attention to him. “He all liquored up and feisty.” Liquored up, but he just got out of the driver’s seat. Wow. I get pulled over for a tail light being out but here we have Dee Dub driving drunk and passing weed back and forth, Temo, who by the way had just got out of jail which is why he was so calm and appeared educated. He’s been reading the last few months in Santa Rita, and two other misfits in the car with the radio pass level 10 with hydraulics and tinted windows. Timothy and I continued to talk for a few minutes while the gas pumped and Dee Dub was getting more and more irritated. Mainly because he wasn’t the one who got to converse but oh well, Timothy just happened to be at the pump. Dee Dub goes in his car and comes back with fliers and CDs and all kinds of other promo stuff to show me who he was. I still don’t know. I didn’t act impressed. I don’t know much about rap unless it’s commercial. To impress me he pulled out a wad of money and started throwing it. I looked, I laughed, I got in my car and I drove away.

Cicely is very appreciative of the outpouring and support from the previous blog interview. Copies of this book will be available in October for $19.95.  Those who go to http://crjpublishing.com  and purchase it online can pre-order it for $15.95 (+ shipping).

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