49. Chronicles of an absent father

Posted: September 21, 2009 in Christianity, faith, family, parenting
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  1. Angusparent says:

    I found this very touching.

    I am an absent father struggling to be as involved as possible in the life of and do the best for my young son in the face of intense opposition from his mother.

    I’ve held on, moving over 400 miles to be near (only to end up 60 miles away when his mother then moved back to the town she grew up in) and enduring the financial and, much more difficult to cope with, emotional strain of a long (thankfully largely successful) court case to establish half-decent visitation and parental responsibilities and rights.

    I am sure that there are many other unintentionally “absent” fathers who, like me, consider fatherhood and their children to be of the highest importance in life.

    Some of them will have made a better job of it than me. Others will have given up in desperation, and my heart goes out to them and their children.

    I hope your writing will inspire those on the edge of giving up to hold on.

    There will come a time when each child can do as he or she pleases and nobody will any more be able to prevent them knowing you as their father.

    However powerless you feel now, just imagine what it will do for each of your children in the future when he or she discovers you always were and still are there for them, that they were so important to you that you wouldn’t accept others telling you “no, you won’t be her father”.

    And if you have given up on him for a while, imagine what it will do for him to know that he was so important to you that you chose to be his father again.

  2. Cynda says:

    This made me sad yet I recognized the sentiment. Not from my own experience, thank God…But from some people close to me. I will forward these words on. I hope the young men get it…They deserve to have a relationship with their children…And the children most assuredly deserve a relationship with their dads…

  3. Nichelle L. Jackson says:

    Wow, the black father. That is were it all begins. How a women feels about men is due to her father , or a figure . I felt this one deeply. Because of my father , I thought all men will build you up to let you down.

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