Typically we start these interviews off with some form of catchy, literary introduction.  We’re going to dive right into this one without wasting any time.

Cherie Johson 1Cherie Johnson is an actress and producer.  Born in Pittsburgh, Cherie is best known for her roles on the sitcoms Punky Brewster and Family Matters.

On Punky Brewster Johnson starred as Cherie Johnson, a character named and modeled after herself. She was the best friend of the title character, played by Soleil Moon Frye.  She played the role throughout the series’ run (1984–1986 and 1987–1988) with her actual grandmother Susie Garrett.

On Family Matters, Johnson portrayed the recurring role of Maxine, the best friend of Laura Winslow (Kellie Shanygne Williams). Johnson played the role from 1990–1998.

Johnson is the real life niece of TV producer David W. Duclon, who was responsible for starting her career. In addition to her starring roles, she has made guest appearances on The Parkers, and The Proud Family. She has also appeared on the soap opera Days of our Lives.

FathersFootprints was fortunate to secure a rare interview with Cherie.  Here’s what she had to say:

You got your start in the business in 1985.  How did you get your start?

CHERIE: My uncle created a show and thought it would be great to use my name.  I felt if he used my name I should play the part myself.   After seven auditions the head of NBC at the time felt the same way and I got the JOB!

You played yourself opposite Soleil Moon Frye in the 1980’s sitcom Punky Brewster.  What did you like most about that experience?

CHERIE: Well I did not play myself I just played a little girl with the same name.  Every day on the set was like a party and I got to see my best friend Soleil!  We were lucky we really got to be children.

In addition to your television roles, you also have film credits on your resume.  Which film did you most enjoy and why?

CHERIE: I’d have to say my latest film “I Do….I Did” for several reasons: 1) I wrote it;  2) I produced it;  and 3) I was able to play a different character that many of my fans do not like because she isn’t that little sweet Cherie everyone is use to seeing.  She is mean at times and vindictive which was so much fun.  Also, instead of being happy go lucky, I got to cry and express emotions.  I worked with my cousin, Shar Jackson, and my best friend, Antwon Tanner.  The production crew was a dream.  Twenty-seven years of smiling is boring. I’m glad I got a chance to spice it up.

I do I did

The television and film industries are much different than they were when you got your start.  What advice do you have for young aspiring actors looking to break into the industry?

CHERIE: Don’t sit back and let other people control your dreams. You have to make your dreams happen for yourself; they will not fall out of the sky.

You are a part of Delano Glass’ film “Why Do Men Cheat?”  What was it like working with Delano?

CHERIE: Delano is a wonderful, creative genius. He sets a great atmosphere and really allows you be yourself, which is great.  The topic is sensitive to many people and he really didn’t censor me so I was able to express my true feeling and opinions.

Last week we celebrated Michelle Thomas’ birthday through a special tribute on thisWhy do men cheat site (see Remembering Michelle).  You worked with Michelle on the sitcom Family Matters.  What was it like to work with her?

CHERIE: She is one of the most kind-hearted people I have ever met.  When you are around her you can’t help but to smile.  I read your tribute and cried like a baby.  It’s really hard for me sometimes. I’m still in denial about her being gone until someone asks me about her, then I’m forced to deal with the reality. I know she is in a better place and she is my angel in heaven as she was my angel on earth.

What can we expect from you in the near future?

CHERIE: 2009 has been a great year for me.  I have done 6 films which will be released within the next 2 years, that not only have I starred in, but also produced several of them. I have a book deal my first book “Cherie On Top” which should be out at the end of the year.  I have several songs on the radio over seas, so with an international tour forthcoming – the sky is the limit.  I have one life and I want to do it all.

We are eternally grateful that our sister took the time to provide us with a peek into her world.  We hope to continue to bring you features and updates on the blacks that help to form our entertainment and literary culture.

Until next time,

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  1. ghettoblackify says:

    are you a journalist or something?

  2. Rachel Araya says:

    Cherie: Punky Brewster was my favorite show when I was a kid. You are a great talent! I’m looking forward to seeing you in “Why Do Men Cheat?” And you’re right, Delano Glass is a creative genius. We grew up together. Stay beautiful sister!

  3. Greg G says:

    I’ve taken my time and gone through several of this blogs, dudes got talent. I am recommending this site to all my friends. Looking forward to future work. Greg G.

  4. ANONYMOUS says:


  5. J. Williams says:

    I really enjoy this blog site. Very diverse and informative. Most blogs are a wast of time but this one ranks up there with the best that I’ve seen.


  6. Robin says:

    Damon you’ve done it again. Great interview with a forward moving young woman. You go Cherie girl!!!


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