Last week a beautiful little girl named Shaniya Davis died a grisly death.  Her body was found on November 16, 2009 in a forested area off of Highway 87 in Sanford, North Carolina.  The medical examiner concluded that the cause of death was asphyxiation and the autopsy revealed that the little five year old girl was raped.

Reports state that Mario McNeill has remained in isolation since he surrendered to authorities on November 13, 2009, after being seen carrying Shaniya Davis in his arms in a hotel. Police say they do not believe that Shaniya Davis was killed inside the hotel.

In addition to Mario McNeil, Shaniya Davis’ mother, Antoinette Nicole Davis, faces charges of filing a police report, human trafficking, and child abuse involving prostitution. More details regarding Antoinette Davis’ role in Shaniya’s death have not yet been made public. It is possible that she may also face additional charges as the investigation goes forward. Antoinette Davis was arrested on November 14, 2009, the day following the arrest of Mario McNeill. Antoinette Davis reported Shaniya missing during the early morning hours of November 10, 2 009.

I find these recent events as repulsive as anything that I have ever been privy to in my 41 years of human existence.  When I see images of the bubbly Shaniya Davis I can’t help but to be reminded of my granddaughter.  The thought of prostituting a 5 year old evokes a quiet rage that can only be contained by venting through a pen.

In addition to the recent horrific events involving Shaniya, I also had the opportunity to view a film entitled “Precious”, the story of a mentally, physically and sexually abused young black girl who manages to maintain enough sanity to realize she deserved something better in life that what she currently had.

The commonality between the movie and the current event is the fact that no father was in place providing the covering that a little girl needs.  I am a firm believer that little girls are God’s greatest gift to humanity.

I must apologize for my inability to bring comfort to my readers as it pertains to these atrocities.  My creative masterworks of adjectives simply cannot assemble a sequence of words to take the pain out of this recent event.

It is times like these when we must remember Romans 8:28, “And we know that all things work together for the good of those who are called according to His purpose.”

Shaniya,after a life of complete terror, you can now rest in peace because you are with Daddy now.

Until next time,

  1. Lisa C says:

    I read it and i did holler..into the other room to tell my kids again how much I love them!!! This is one of the saddest stories I’ve heard. R.I.P. baby girl!!

  2. C W says:

    Everybody involved needs to be underneath a jail cell!
    I would personally like to see the rapist face the firing squad though…

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