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FathersFootprints is looking to advertise your brand, business, CD or book on The Black Marketplance.  If you would like your logo, flier, webpage, FB or Twitter page displayed and linked directly to your website please contact me directly for minimal advertising cost structures.  If any of these companies interest you simply click on the logo.

 Since October of 1996 the founders of the SEID Entertainment started a mission to empower the independent artist with support while educating them on the music business. SEID, which stands for strength, endurance, independence and determination, was and still is the moniker that drives the ambition and creativity of the company.

 ds cover1

D’s 2-cents is a collection of feautres previously posted on this site.  These features are new and extended versions of the commentary and interviews consolidated in a small package.  To order your $10 copy email Damon at  D’s 2-cents is a FathersFootprints publication.

come as you are

Destiny World Church Senior Pastor Wilbur T. Purvis concluded a 4-part sermon series entitled “Come As UR – Lovin’ Folks in their uniqueness or weakness.”  This CD series provides insightful, thought-provoking discussion about topics taboo topics of the 21st century.  To get a copy of this series log on to the DWC website at

Chandra The Real MeChandra Currelley offers a sound that’s smooth, soulful, inspirational, jazzy and upbeat all at the same time, with rich vocals.  Get a copy of this CD by clicking on the CD link or by visiting her website at .

Phil Black - From Me to You

Breakthrough author, Phil Black, has penned his first book entitle “From Me to You…”  This collection of personal memoirs will inpsire and motivate.  Mr. Black is candid with his bouts with depression and how he transformed his life into the man he is today.  Visit his website and purchase your book today. (


healthy youth usa

Healthy Youth USA is an amateur athletic program that focuses on youth development through sports and recreation.


Sumo Advertising is your one-stop shop for custom logo, web, print, photography and videography.

Little Book of Encouragement

Whether you’re a brother looking for a way out of toxic life circumstances, a man on a mission to serve and inspire or you’re simply in need of a little motivation and occassional encouragement, “The Black Man’s Little Book of Encouragement,” will help you manifest your greatness and keep your head up when life beats you down. For women who have a vested interest in the upliftment of black men, pick up this book for a brother you know. Also included is a special chapter for incarcerated men, a resource listing and a book discussion guide.

measurable advancement

Measurable Advancement is an education consulting firm that provides hands-on coaching, mentoring sessions and other techniques that are designed to address increased instructional effectiveness in classrooms.


real talk jj and the fellas

The show REAL TALK with JJ and the FELLAS offers an intelligent, provocative discussion on dating, love, sex and relationships. We’ll improve communications between the sexes, help women understand what men really think & definitely make people laugh!

jj smith book

Jennifer “JJ” Smith has penned a book entitled “Why I Love Men: The Joys of Dating.”  See JJ’s perspective on dating, self-esteem and how to keep your man happy and satisfied while keeping yourself happy and satisfied.


The FathersFootprints brand is dedicated to penning the Black experience.  The first book under this brand entitled Daddy Am I Pretty? will be in bookstores in time for Father’s Day 2010.

clesiabrands logo

Visit ClesiaBrands for all your custom web, domain names, hosting, print and business coaching needs.

ascensions logoVisit the Ascension Blog by Rachel Araya. The issues tackled on this blog and in her upcoming book include but are not limited to: racism, sexism, religion, life, love, and spirituality.

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