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In addition to our musings, lamentations, Black History facts and celebrity interviews, FathersFootprints also uses this medium as an opportunity to broadcast the achievements of local urban entertainment entrepreneurs.

Today’s interview is with the SEIDEMG CEO, Patrick Kelley.

Tell us about SEIDEMG?
Our mission at SEIDEMG/KDS, INC. is to build strength in our business brands, while creating value through employee team building and business partnerships. We believe that relations are bridge-ways for growth, longevity and sustainability, thus, calculated camaraderie will be the driving force as our company pushes forward!

Since October of 1996 the founders (Patrick “Smooth P” Kelly & Charles “Chuck” Dobey of then SEID Entertainment started a mission to empower the independent artist with support while educating them on the music business. SEID, which stands for strength, endurance, independence and determination, was and still is the moniker that drives the ambition and creativity of the company.  In 2001 Keith “A-Man” Cooper joined the company and the owners embraced a production division which became EMG or ESS Studios. This division was in charge of all aspects of music productions, artist showcases and promotions.  Later that year “The UrbanSpotlight” was envisioned by co-founder Patrick Kelly. It was held at the infamous Shark Bar Restaurant & Lounge in Midtown Atlanta and ran for over a thirteen month period.  Through this and many other showcases, artist development, artists features, vocal coaching, and live performances…SEID Entertainment was able to witness its vision and passion come to life.

On December 17th, 2009 SEIDEMG merged with KDS, INC. to become SEIDEMG/KDS, INC. Upon that merger the company gained the music website IWOVUMUSIC.COM which is now being adapted for booking independent artists throughout the Southeast Region. SEIDEMG also has four other divisions including the “From My Block Ta Yo Block” Live Show & Reality Series “Going Hard With Pat & Chuck,” SEIDEMG Printing & Promotions, Lenny Wheat Clothing and SEIDEMG Music Entertainment Management.

Now over 13 years in the making, the company, SEIDEMG/KDS, INC., is more focused than ever. Its artist management division has several projects in the works such as the mixtape” Cadillac Uncut Dope Vol. 1 series 1-4″ and “The Jump Fresh AllStars.”  SEIDEMG has also signed San Antonio’s Rapper/Producer Marc Twang & Knock City Ent., provided artistic and creative services for the gospel play “Who Killed Uncle Pete, Dj Quick and International Dance Star Kevin Bryant and co-directed Kevin Bryant’s “Who You Wanna Be” music video with the re-mix single produced by the Mega Dance Dj Bob Sinclar for Launch Entertainment. SEIDEMG/KDS, INC. also launched Lenny Wheat Clothing on Jan 5th, 2010, started the live entertainment show “From My block Ta Yo Block” at the Spring4th Center which runs every Tuesday.

You are seeking talent in the music and entertainment industry. What is the focus of your management company and how was this vision derived?
The focus of SEIDEMG Management is to not only sign talented artists, but to sign artist who are a “triple threat.”  This means that we are only looking to work with an artist if their talent includes singing, rapping & producing and or song writing and dancing.  We believe that an artist’s relationship should be that of a partnership; both forces joining together to build greatness.

Your company is currently hosting talent shows at Blush Ultra lounge in Atlanta every Tuesday evening.  Tell us about some of the talent that has displayed at your event.
As far as the show being a showcase…”From My Block Ta Yo Block” Live show is not considered a showcase.  What we do in our live show is force our talent to be creative, to think outside the box with our song and jingle building contest as well as the freestyle battles where we pick the topic of conversation.  Our live show also pushes the artist to hone their craft and build on their talent through live performances that are judged by industry professionals.

What can we look forward to from SEIDEMG in the near future?
In addition to the live show, SEIDEMG is also currently filming it’s reality series “Going Hard With Pat & Chuck” which we are hopeful to obtain national distribution as well as promoting its online music website and SEIDEMG Printing & Promotions. You can always find a friendly, considerate and courteous professional with SEIDEMG!

To learn more about SEIDEMG, log onto their website at www.

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